Why go to mediation?

Parties may choose mediation to resolve a dispute immediately, without the time and expense of hiring an attorney and filing a lawsuit. Parties in litigation are generally required by the Court to attend mediation before their lawsuit is placed on a trial calendar.

What happens at mediation?

At mediation, the parties sit down with the mediator and informally discuss their dispute and the possible ways to resolve it. All parties have an opportunity to state their concerns, to fully explore their options and to craft a resolution of their dispute that works for them.

What are the benefits of mediation?

  • Mediation can occur immediately, without the extensive time and delays of court proceedings
  • Mediation conferences can be conveniently scheduled to accommodate the parties
  • Mediation is cost saving - there is no wasted time or money. Parties only pay for the actual time the use in the mediation conference. Because mediations are scheduled in advance at the parties’ convenience, the parties miss minimal time from work.
  • Mediation allows the parties to find creative solutions tailored to their individual needs rather than a “one size fits all” resolution.
  • Mediation reduces conflict between the parties, enhancing their ability to communicate with each other in the future and providing them with resources to handle future disputes on their own.

How long do mediation conferences last?

The typical mediation conference lasts 2 to 3 hours, but the length of the mediation will vary depending on the complexity of the issues involved. You should check with the mediator or with your attorney to get a better idea of the time needed for your case.

How many mediation sessions are necessary?

Many times one mediation session is sufficient to resolve all of the issues involved. However, is not unusual for parties to schedule successive mediations to address specific issues and facilitate the acquisition of useful information.

Why should I use West Georgia Mediation?

WGM is conveniently located just north of I-20 in Tallapoosa, Georgia (Exit 5). WGM provides a spacious mediation facility and a professional, comfortable environment. Upon request, we will travel to your designated location. We strive to make scheduling easy by providing an online calendar with available dates and email forms for easy scheduling. Mediations can be scheduled on line, Our experienced, well-qualified mediators strive to provide effective and efficient mediation services. Upon settlement, we provide detailed mediation agreements, eliminating confusion and enhancing the enforceability of the agreement.